Pay Attention to Your Transmission Warning Light

Bring your car to the leading auto repair garage in Blanchard, OK

The transmission warning light serves as a friendly reminder that your transmission needs care. Ignoring this signal leads to frequent stalling and acceleration issues. Take care of engine issues immediately by letting an expert work on your car. Tri City Transmissions is a locally owned and operated auto repair garage in Blanchard, OK. Lead mechanic Michael Lovelace specializes in transmission services for vehicles of all varieties.

If your transmission needs a professional touch, call 405-408-2483 to schedule auto repair service. Our garage is located in Blanchard, OK.

Learn about the outstanding auto repair services of Tri City Transmissions

The transmission controls how your vehicle moves by delegating power to the wheels. Because of its vital role, damage to the transmission must be addressed immediately. Here at Tri City Transmissions of Blanchard, OK, Michael delivers quality auto repairs that are guaranteed to last. You can count on our top mechanic to provide the following transmission services:

General maintenance that keeps your transmission in excellent condition

Flushing that gives your transmission a thorough cleanse for optimal performance

Transmission replacement to get rid of an old or damaged part

To schedule your auto repair in Blanchard, OK, call 405-408-2483 now.

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