Kick Your Clutch Repair Into High Gear

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Sticking, slipping, catching-there are a lot of ways to describe a poorly functioning clutch. Whatever the issue may be, an unreliable clutch is a serious issue and could impact the performance of your entire transmission system. Get regular and emergency clutch repair from the experts at Tri City Transmissions in Blanchard, OK.

We've been trusted in our community for fast and reliable auto repair services for years. Don't let minor clutch problems turn into major costly repairs. Schedule regular maintenance checks from Tri City Transmissions.

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How to tell your clutch needs repairs

A clutch is a vital component of your vehicle that helps you change gears and drive safely. Pay attention for these common issues:

  • Sticking clutch-this is a strong indication that the hydraulic linkage utilized by the clutch as failed
  • Slipping gears-a slipping gear indicates either a completely worn-down clutch or one that simply needs an oil leak plugged
  • Burning smell-excessive wear and tear from slow traffic could be to blame, but an adjustment could also be the solution

Clutch repair is too important to handle entirely on your own. Make sure you take your vehicle into the professionals at Tri City Transmissions.